Puja al Castell, alojamiento rural recomendado en Valencia (Torres Torres)


C/ Pujada al Castell, 11. Torres-Torres (Valencia)
Tel.- 606 089 818

In the region of 'El Camp de Morvedre' lies the village of Torres Torres, nestling at the feet of the Sierra Calderona in the valley through which runs the river Palancia, barely 40km from Valencia. With 500 inhabitants its economy is agricultural, based predominantly on irrigated orange cultivation. The land that is not irrigated lends itself to the production of almonds, carob and olives. The remaining uncultivated land is natural pine forest and wild scrubland.

Your stay in Torres Torres must include a visit to its many tourist and architectural attractions, all of which lie a stones throw from Rural Castell...

Torres Torres castle is a typically Moorish construction, although some additions were made in the Christian era. Its fully accessible to the public.
The Arabic Baths are famous for being one example of only three in the whole of Spain, the others being the 'Almirante' in Valencia and those of Granada. They are in the final stages of restoration.
The church of Nuestra Seora de los ngeles dates from the year 1430 and contains an image of La Virgen de la La Leche (The Virgin of the Milk) possibly carved in the 15th century.
La Cisterna (The Cistern), found to the south of the main irrigation canal, probably fed the nearby Baths. Access to this underground system is gained from the Plaza de la Iglesia.

Other places of interest for the visitor are La Casa de Cultura, a number of parks, the municipal swimming pool and the sporting complex. The annual fiestas in Torres Torres take place between the 7th and the 10th of September, when traditionally the young men of the village carry on their heads 'los tabacs', boards laden with bread and covered with embroidered cloth, and take them to the church where the bread is blessed and after mass is shared out amongst the crowd. The fiestas are finished off with a night of dancing on 'la noche del baile del manton de manila'.

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